16 Guidelines in Canada 2010 Review

In 2010, while many attendees of courses integrated the 16 Guidelines into their work and with their families, our facilitators introduced the 16 Guidelines for Life in various aspects of community which included:   

The Centre for Compassion & Wisdom, Burlington hosted a bi-monthly 16 Guidelines program and Training in Intro to 16 Guidelines for Life and Presenting 16 Guidelines for Life  to Community Organizations with trainers, Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, Craig Mackie and Laurie Dolan.


  • Sharon Babineau presented to a youth leadership camp
  • Craig Mackie integrated the Guidelines into the program for Trails Youth Initiative, Toronto - a youth-at-risk leadership program
    and also presented a 1-Day workshop in Pennsylvania school for twenty grade 9 and 10 teachers, part of a two-year pilot.
  • Sharon Babineau’s work with youth-at-risk at Notre Dame High School, Hamilton Ontario resulted in their grad night theme being based on  16 Guidelines


  • Sonya Janssen presented her preschool pilot program at a Canada-wide teachers conference with great response.

Human Resources, Health and Social Services:

  • Jan Waters integrated the 16 Guidelines with staff at the Canadian Mental Health Association, Kawartha Lakes Branch, Ontario
  • Craig Mackie presented at Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Symposium at University of Toronto, also led a program with Aboriginal men transitioning from homelessness and started a peer support group started in Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
  • Sharon Babineau introduced the 16 Guidelines to the Saskatoon Regional Health Department and 16 Guidelines in Workforce and Life to staff at Canadian Border Services & Revenue Canada

Artist, Marina Durette sculpted characters that represent each Guideline, Our 16 Little Guides to Compassion, Love, and Wisdom, www.idmarina.com

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If you are aware of any other 16 Guidelines for Life activities that took place last year in your area of Canada, please email us at [email protected], so we can add your events.