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Classes and counselling with certified facilitators of Transformative Mindfulness and Self-Healing and 5 Tibetan Yogas

Transformative Self-Healing and Transformative Mindfulness

Through the power of the mind, self-healing is possible when you are in transition, have physical pain or illness, or are facing challenging personal situations. You will experiment with simple, yet profound methods of healing that often can bring results very quickly. Quite often a problem stems from much further back than you might realize and is caused by events and circumstances that may not be in your awareness. Your deepest problems or conditions for illness can be boiled down to a single image that holds the key to its own solution and healing. Information about the inner conflict or problem's underlying cause becomes available and, with your willingness, can be gracefully changed. You can use these again and again for other problems. For more information, email [email protected] or 905-634-8412.


Personal sessions, facilitator supervision and support and leadership coaching, local or international by phone (no long distance charges within North America, UK or Italy) or Skype. Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw Consulting click here Transformative Mindfulness Facilitator Training Certificate click here, email [email protected]


Individual sessions, by phone $50/session - no long distance charges within North America Experience with people 8-80 - all problems especially those unhappy with their weight. Phone 905 901 9555 or [email protected]


Sharon is an inspirational speaker and trained Facilitator in Transformative Mindfulness and the 16 Guidelines for Life. She has facilitated seminars, support groups and workshops for over a decade, and shares personal life experiences, and her use of the 16 G’s to explain her inner strength. She believes we all have the ability to overcome even the most challenging times, and embrace a happy and meaningful life. These tools will help get you there. Sharon’s website is:  www.mindbreak.ca  

Lori Goldblatt – Ancaster

Individual and phones sessions available Ancaster: Monday evenings 7 -9 pm Transformative Self-Healing group Dundas: Monday mornings 11 am - 12:30 pm in, a group of people who have had cancer and are looking for alternative ways to improve the health of their mind, body and spirit, meet in an informal setting to do a combination of the Five Tibetan Yogas and some of the Transformative Healing Techniques. This group has lots of fun and is wonderfully supportive. No cost. Phone 905 304-1933 or email [email protected]

Valerie Spironello - Hamilton

Registered Social Worker offering counselling, groups and workshops using a holistic approach. Uses talk therapy incorporating Transformative Mindfulness, meditation and visualization. Special interest in addressing compassion fatigue and promoting wellness for health care and social service providers. More information at www.choosewellness.ca.

Shelley Urlando - West Mississauga

International Co-Trainer, In-Person and Distance Sessions available. Call direct: 416-399-1304, email: [email protected], Skype: s.urlando9 www.mindfulliferesourcesandconsulting.com

Una West - One Truth Transformative Workshops - Dundas

Experienced with clients who are dealing with emotional issues, illness, dis-ease (i.e. cancer) within the body. Individual sessions by phone. Day appointments: Tuesday mornings 9:30 am, 11 am and 12:30 pm Evening appointments: Thursdays 5 pm, 7 pm and 8:30 pm. Sessions in person: Monday to Friday except for times scheduled above $50 CAD per session - 1 1/2 hours to maximum of 2 hours Group Sessions - suggested donation $15 per person. Payment can be made through pay pal account via click here (call for details) by personal cheque (made payable to Una West) or money order sent to: P.O. Box 63063, 102 Plaza Drive, Dundas L9H 4H0 Phone 905 628 5811 or email [email protected] Thursday Group at Unity Church 7 pm to 8.30 pm 2nd or 3rd floor. Next group starts Feb 8th $60 per person per month. Come and meet some interesting like-minded ladies, new people always welcome to join our group where we combine Transformative Healing Techniques, sharing, fun, angel cards and support Starting soon: Classes in 5-Tibetan Yogas, Transformational Self Healing techniques at a Ladies Only Fitness Club at 2 Cayuga Street North, Dundas. Call Una West Instructor 905-628-5811 or the owner Mary Little at 905-772-8422 for further information.

Mind Blast for Kids!

Fun exercises, co-operative games, self-respect. Contact: Shelley Urlando Direct: 416-399-1304, email: [email protected], Skype: s.urlando9 or web: www.mindfulliferesourcesandconsulting.com

5 Tibetan Yogas classes

It is quite amazing how these simple exercises have created change within even a month for people who are exhausted, having trouble sleeping, emotionally stressed out, ill, recovering from illnesses or surgery or just want to be healthier and happier. For people of any age or condition who can find 15 minutes in their day to practice, the Five Tibetan Yogas is a simple efficient yoga routine that increases mental clarity, energy, physical flexibility and strength. They are known to promote longevity for lamas in the Himalayas. These include breathing exercises, healing visualizations and inspiring thoughts to take into each day. Please bring a mat or blanket for your comfort. For a brief history of the 5 Tibetan Yogas,click here Suspend judgment on the power and value of such gentle movements until you have worked with it for 30 consecutive days or more. Leave the hectic, speedy world outside in your shoes. Laurie Dolan I find that attending classes, whether it is 5, 3 or 1 day a week, provides an opportunity to clarify issues that arise, learn from others experiences and fine-tune the exercises to obtain the greatest possible benefits. This has kept me focused and motivated. The exercises are powerful on many levels. Being consistent in performing them everyday, only if it is a few, is a key to working through any emotional and /or physical issues that arise. Kayte Cleary


Deb Barrett - Sauble Beach

Contact Deb at 519-422-2183 or [email protected]

Kerri Fargo - Waterdown

Circle of Light Wellness Centre 50 Mill St North, Waterdown Tuesdays and Thursdays - 2-days/week Beginners 10am-10:45am Continuing Students 9-9:45am Also Beginners Tuesday Evenings 8pm-9pm (yogas followed by meditation) Classes are ongoing~next session begins November 13th 2007 Contact 905 689-8100 or [email protected]

Lori Goldblatt - Dundas/Ancaster/Milton

Contact Lori: 905 304 1933, cell 905 975 9434 or [email protected]

Judy Mair - Hamilton and Burlington

After work at the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom. Mondays 6 to 6:30pm April and May 2009. Yoga and Meditation group classes on Hamilton Mountain or private sessions in your home Email: [email protected] or phone: 905-387-9138

Yola Owens - West Burlington

The Loft, near Botanical Gardens Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 days each week Continuing Students 9 am Beginners 10am Contact 905 523 4447 or [email protected]

Una West - Dundas/Ancaster/Hamilton

- integrated with some Transformative Self Healing techniques Private classes in my home or yours. 1-3 people Day Class beginning every four weeks: Christ Church Unity, 21 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton (Wellington St access on the mountain brow) Wed morning (weekly sessions) 10 – 11:30 am $60 per month (You are welcome to join us if class has already started $15 per class) Evening Class beginning every four weeks: Christ Church Unity, Hamilton Monday evenings (weekly sessions) 7 – 8:30 pm $60 per month (You are welcome to join us if class has already started $15 per class) Winter Class: McMaster University, Athletics and Recreation Department, Main Street, Hamilton 9th January, 2007 – 23rd February, 2007 (Still time to join this group) Tuesday lunch hour l2 - l pm Members $28 Non members: $56 For information and registration contact McMaster University webpage:click here Email: [email protected] or call 905 525 9140 ex 24464 Thursday Group at Unity Church 7 pm to 8.30 pm 2nd or 3rd floor. Next group starts Feb 8th $60 per person per month. Come and meet some interesting like-minded ladies, new people always welcome to join our group where we combine Transformative Healing Techniques, sharing, fun, angel cards and support

Read Dekyi-Lees Story About the 5 Tibetan Yogas

Click here. We have  trained Five Tibetan Facilitators in Ontario and parts of the US. Please contact [email protected] for a facilitator near you.