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Classes and counselling with certified facilitators of Transformative Mindfulness and Self-Healing and 5 Tibetan Yogas

Transformative Self-Healing and Transformative Mindfulness

Through the power of the mind, self-healing is possible when you are in transition, have physical pain or illness, or are facing challenging personal situations. You will experiment with simple, yet profound methods of healing that often can bring results very quickly. Quite often a problem stems from much further back than you might realize and is caused by events and circumstances that may not be in your awareness. Your deepest problems or conditions for illness can be boiled down to a single image that holds the key to its own solution and healing. Information about the inner conflict or problem's underlying cause becomes available and, with your willingness, can be gracefully changed. You can use these again and again for other problems. For more information, email [email protected] or 905-634-8412.

Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

International Trainer and Developer
Personal sessions, facilitator supervision and support and leadership coaching, local or international by phone
Transformative Mindfulness Facilitator Training Certificate
[email protected]

Shelley Urlando, International Co-Trainer

Craig Mackie

Teresa Beckett, Oakville
[email protected]

Arunas Antanaitis, Hamilton

Sharon Babineau, Hamilton

Lori Goldblatt, Ancaster

Valerie Spironello


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Click here. We have  trained Five Tibetan Facilitators in Ontario and parts of the US. Please contact [email protected] for a facilitator near you.